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Wedding Tips

December 3, 2021

Tips For Planning Your 2022 Or 2023 Wedding

Newly married couple holding hands, walking together on their wedding day at Saguaro Buttes in Tucson, AZ.

Hilton El Conquistador Wedding Chen and Harmony’s Hilton El Conquistador wedding in Tucson was an incredibly gorgeous and special day. And it happened just in the nick of time too- this was March 14th of last year, just before many Tucson wedding venues and businesses started temporarily shutting down due to the pandemic. Despite the […]


July 25, 2021

Hilton El Conquistador Wedding | Tucson Wedding Photographer


One of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding is deciding who’s going to be invited and who’s not. If you’ve already started planning your wedding, you likely know that this is a difficult step. How do you even get started? How do you narrow your list down? What if you forget somebody? There […]

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July 20, 2021

Creating Your Guest List


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Wedding Tips

June 16, 2021

Setting Your Wedding Budget The Easy Way