What if you had wedding photos that represented who you are because you felt the freedom to be completely yourselves?

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The feel-good, authentic photos that will help you remember the best moments of your life

Maybe you're someone who wants more than just the standard, super posed wedding photos that you've seen everyone else get. Sure, those photos are pretty, but in the end, what do they really show about your relationship? 

What if you had wedding photos that helped you remember how the day felt? Ones that show the love and playfulness between you and your fiancé, and the joy of your family as they see you marry your best friend?

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I'm a Tucson wedding photographer experienced in creating exactly these kinds of photos. I'll make sure you will have wedding photos like this- ones you'll treasure forever.

You will be guided

every step of the way

so that you'll have wedding photos that scream, "These are SO us!"

This isn't about recreating the same trendy wedding photos that everyone else from 2021 is going to have, or pressuring you to be someone you're not.

This is about embracing who you are together, helping you feel comfortable so you have the freedom to be yourselves. It's about showing the joy of this long-awaited day and ensuring you'll have photos that make you feel that all over again.

When you know you two have something special, that love deserves to be remembered. 


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"she was the best option for our wedding"

"Upon meeting and hiring Meagan, we knew she was the best option for our wedding. During our first meeting it was clear her experience has built her skill as she asked questions to create the best way to navigate our wedding that we didn’t even think of. We love her editing style. Our photos came out great and she edits in a way that remains organic and authentic to who she photographs. It enhances the viewers focus on the subjects she photographs. She is also very professional and so easy to work with. We highly recommend her work." - Alexandra

photos that celebrate the

love + joy + playfulness

that makes you two who you are

because it deserves to be remembered

• Help you find a vendor team that you can rely on

Leading up to your big day, you'll have me right here to...

• Plan out a wedding day timeline that allows you time to breathe and actually enjoy being in the moment on your big day

• Back you up on making your day anything you want it to be- whether that's a huge celebration with family and friends or a quiet, intimate elopement

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Hey, I'm Meagan! 

I'm a Tucson wedding photographer, and I will help you celebrate the joy of this love you've found with photos that show it off.

I know firsthand how much these photos mean because of a photo I took of my grandparents a few years ago. It's a photo of my grandma, leaning into my grandpa and laughing, while he has the most content, soft smile on his face. She was playfully teasing him, as she often did, and they were so happy enjoying each other's company. 

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We didn't know it at the time, but she wouldn't be able to do that for very much longer.

Less than a year after that, my grandma developed her first symptom of ALS- slurred speech. She soon lost her ability to talk, and so much changed. Now, my family and I are so grateful to have that photo of the two of them. When we look at it, we feel the love and happiness that made their relationship so special. It made me want to provide photos like that to every couple that I work with.

"With Meagan, we were so lucky to find the perfect photographer for our engagement photos! She made our last minute request turn out incredibly special.

Meagan really wanted to get to know us beforehand. Which might be the reason why the entire session felt like going on a walk with a friend who's taking amazing photos of you while you can just be yourself!

Meagan is such a sweet person and we felt so comfortable in front of her camera.
But the very best thing about hiring her: You will LOVE every single photo she takes!
We can't wait to work with her again on our wedding day!" - Lena

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